Crisis in the Global Economy


Semiotexte has published the English edition of Crisi dell’economia globale by Uninomade.

Andrea Fumagalli & Sandro Mezzadra (eds) Crisis in the Global Economy: Financial Markets, Social Struggles, and New Political Scenarios. Postface by Antonio Negri, translated by Jason Francis McGimsey. New York: Semiotexte, 2010. [buy]

This volume is the result of a collective reflection developed in the UniNomade network in the months immediately following the first signals of the current financial and economic crisis. The contributions of Chicchi, Di Stefano, Fumagalli, Lucarelli, Marazzi, Paulrè, Roth, Terranova and Vercellone constitute the first organic and interdisciplinary attempt to analyze a crisis that is not merely financial in nature but which regards globalization and neoliberal capitalism as we have know them until now. It is a totally new kind of crisis different from the ones we have seen over the last 25 years because it is a systemic crisis that goes beyond the financial sector revealing the ineffectiveness of the extraordinary economic measures that have been actuated over the past few months by single nation-states. Thus it is a financial crisis that immediately effects the so-called “real economy” and that demonstrates how financialization is nothing other than one of the most recent and perverse articulations of capitalist command. These contributions, of a high scientific and political character, communicate the urgency of not only identifying new economic and political categories able to interpret the contemporary forms of capitalistic power but, above all, they stimulate us to elaborate radically positive exit strategies from this crisis towards a new horizon of constructing the common.

Table of Contents

Introduction – Sandro Mezzadra
The Violence of Financial Capitalism – Christian Marazzi
The Global Economic Crisis and Socioeconomic Governance – Andrea Fumagalli
The Crisis of the Law of Value and the Becoming-Rent of Profit – Carlo Vercellone
Financialization as Biopower – Stefano Lucarelli
On the Threshold of Capital, at the Thresholds of the Common – Federico Chicchi
New Economy, Financialization and Social Production in the Web 2.0 – Tiziana Terranova
Cognitive Capitalism and the Financialization of Economic Sysyems – Bernard Paulré
Global Crisis – Global Proletarianization – Counter-perspectives – Karl Heinz Roth
Nothing Will Ever Be The Same – UniNomade
Postface: A Reflection on Income in the “Great Crisis” of 2007 and Beyond – Toni Negri




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