Cognitive Capitalism in South-Eastern Europe


new collection of texts by Andrea Fumagalli and Carlo Vercellone

Cognitive capitalism is considered to be a new stage in the historical evolution of capitalism which is undergoing a metamorphosis affecting most of the laws and tendencies characteristic of industrial capitalism. This raises a series of issues tackled in the theoretical part, especially regarding the increased importance of cognitive work and the new composition of the labour market that influence the determinants of the value of goods, the structure of welfare, and the forms ofincome distribution. A historical analysis is applied to describe the evolution of cognitive capitalism and its endogenous, potentially destabilising, dynamics. The empirical part analyses the diffusion of cognitive capitalism in the former socialist countries of South-Eastern Europe and elsewhere.

About the authors:

Vladimir Cvijanovic works at the Faculty of Economics & Business, University of Zagreb. He defended successfully his doctoral dissertation in 2010 at the University of Frankfurt am Main. His research interests include institutional economics, cognitive capitalism, and entrepreneurship.

Andrea Fumagalli is Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Pavia, Italy and Vice-President of the Basic Income Network – Italy (BIN). His research interests comprise cognitive capitalism, basic income, labour transformations and theory of money.

Carlo Vercellone is Assistant Professor at the University of Paris I, Panthéon-Sorbonne, CES CNRS. He has edited various publications and is specialised in issues involving a knowledge-based economy, cognitive capitalism, basic income and labour transformations.


Vladimir Cvijanovic/Andrea Fumagalli/Carlo Vercellone: Introduction

Andrea Fumagalli/Stefano Lucarelli: Cognitive Capitalism as a Financial Economy of Production

Andrea Fumagalli: Bioeconomics and the Valorisation Process

Matko Mestrovic: Values and Capabilities as Historical Determinants of Social Development

Jean-Marie Monnier/Carlo Vercellone: Labour and Welfare State in the Transition to Cognitive Capitalism

Cosma Orsi: Common Good in the Age of Knowledge? Arguing for a Radical Political Economy

Aleksandar Keseljevic: The Challenges of the New Millennium and the Specific Properties of Knowledge Require a New Understanding of Knowledge

Carlos Prieto del Campo: M@Nufactnetting Antagonism, Subversively Reengineering Cognitive Global Labor Force, and Networking Class Struggles in the Age of the Cognitive Capitalism

Nadica Jovanovska/Natalija Nikolovska: The Big Trade Off of «New – Europe»: Convergence or Divergence from USA Model of Capitalism

Cristina Matos: Old-Age Pension Reforms in the EU: Innovation, Diffusion and Europeanization

Pasquale Tridico: Growth, Inequality and Poverty in Emerging and Transition Economies

Sinisa Kusic: South-Eastern Europe Between Socialism, Transition and Capitalism.




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